Spring into practice, and a great training opportunity!

Run-thrus April 5th from 5:30-8:30 w/ Hilltown Hounds

It’s a Thursday so if you are going to an agility trial you can have plenty of practice before the weekend!

WHO: All Dogs, all levels (who have done at least Beginner II agility sessions and are familiar on all obstacles) are welcome! This is an  especially good chance to get agility practice in a different environment.

WHAT: Courses will be set for 2-3 different skill levels (nested courses with numbered cones ) from Novice to Advanced, and sign up for your jump height. Treats and toys are allowed, you have up to 4 minutes in the ring, try difficult parts again, or make up your own course if you wish. Jump heights offered are 4″ – 24″.

COST: $15.00 for the evening, or $5.00 per run, up to 4 minutes training time in the ring each run. Walk thrus after each round of dogs has run.

PRE-REGISTER:   Please – reply below and respond with Yes !

WHERE: Roaring Brook barn is a huge indoor arena with soft loam. There is plenty of parking, and plenty of crating space. For directions see “Getting There” @ http://www.hilltownhounds.com

Hope to see you and your dogs there!

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