2012 Hilltown Hounds CPE Trial Oct 13-14

Here are the trial results for the weekend :

Jackpot 45C Sat. Jackpot 123 Sat.  Standard 1 Sat. Standard 2 Sat. Standard 3 Sat. Standard 45C Sat. Wildcard 12 Sat. Wildcard 345C Sat. Snooker 12 Sat. Snooker 345C Sat.

FullHouse 45C Sun. FullHouse 123 Sun. Standard 45C Sun. Standard 3 Sun. Standard 2  Sun. Standard 1 Sun. Colors 345C Sun. Colors 12 Sun. Jumpers 345C Sun. Jumpers 12 Sun.



Sat/Sun, October 13-14, 2011 

Roaring Brook Farm 1490 Roaring Brook Road Conway, Massachusetts

JUDGE: Jeff Boyer, FL

Check-in and Start Times: Later start on Sunday

Daily check-in will begin at 7:00 AM on Saturday and 7:45 AM on Sunday.   Briefings on Saturday will begin at 7:45 AM and Sunday at 8:15 AM, with the first dog on the line IMMEDIATELY after the walk-through.  Dogs that need to be measured must be measured BEFORE the general briefing.    Setup will be allowed Friday night from 4-6 PM.  The barn will be closed for the night at 6:15 PM.  There is no early check-in or measuring on Friday night.

Tentative Schedule
This is a one-ring trial.  Below is the tentative schedule, and is subject to change.
SATURDAY (High to Low jump heights/Levels)
Jackpot: 123, 45C
Standard: 1, 2, 3, 45C
Wildcard: 12, 345C
Snooker: 12, 345C

SUNDAY (Low to High jump heights/Levels)  
FullHouse: 45C, 123
Standard: 45C, 3, 2, 1
Colors: 345C, 12
Jumpers 345C, 12

Please drive slowly on Roaring Brook Road (25 mph) and the driveway (5 mph)!
From the North, take 91 to route 116 (Conway – Exit 25).    Make a right at the end of the ramp.  Follow directions from the East.

From the South, take 91 to exit 24 (5/10 North).  Make a right at the end of the ramp.  Follow routes 5/10 past Yankee Candle.  Make a left at third light from the exit ramp (116 – North – Conway). Follow the directions from the East.

From the East: From I-91 take route 116 north/west 5.5 miles to Conway Center. Turn Left On Whately Road. Travel approximately 4 miles to Roaring Brook Road. Turn Left onto Roaring Brook Rd. Travel 0.4 miles to Roaring Brook Farm on your left. We will have signs at Whatley Rd and Roaring Brook Rd.  Do not take the first Roaring Brook Rd on 116 that you will pass, it’s a very long way around and on a mostly dirt road!

From the West: Take route 116 past the center of Conway. Make a right onto Whately Road.  Follow directions above (from the East).

Site Info 

  • CLEAN-UP at the show site is a must!  You will be asked to leave the site if you do not clean up after your dog(s).
  • No dogs or people in stable areas.
  • Please drive SLOWLY 5 MPH in the stable driveway.
  • Dogs must be leashed when not competing.
  • The arena is unheated with a dirt surface.
  • No smoking anywhere on farm grounds.  

Parking/RV Parking

There will be a designated unloading zone near the ring.  Please drop your equipment and move your car to the parking lot before going in to set up your crates and chairs.  Club members will be there to direct you to the parking area.

Self-contained RV/Camper parking will be behind the barn.  Please remember to contact Mary Franzoso for further info, mfranzoso@nmhschool.org.

Special Notices

On Wednesday evening, October 10th, trial catalogs and worker schedules will be posted on the Hilltown Hound’s website, www.hilltownhounds.com.  Please be sure to print your own catalog and worker’s schedule as they will not be available at the trial.

Drinking Water

Drinking water will be available at the worker’s table.  Fresh well water will be available in large Igloo water dispensers.  In order to conserve resources we will not be offering bottled water.  Please prepare for this by bringing your own refillable water bottle (there will be a limited number of cups available).  Thank you for your support of a “green” trial.


Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help out! We will have a worker’s raffle each day.  Workers will also be given a $1.00 food voucher for each class worked.  If you are willing to help out and have not signed up yet, contact Val Reiner at kritters@bcn.net. In addition, drinks and snacks will be provided for volunteer workers.

Food Vendor

Corrine our food Vendor will be offering both breakfast and lunch.

BREAKFAST: Danish, breakfast sandwiches, quiches, coffee, cocoa
LUNCH: Beef burgundy, chicken and biscuits, chicken or cheese quesadilla, American chop suey, snacks, bottled water, soda and sweets

Emergency Vets

Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital
141 Greenfield Road
South Deerfield, MA 01373


Please send any trial questions you may have to Sue Crimmins, sbcrimm@gmail.com or call 413-296-4420 between the hours of 6:00pm – 8:00pm.  Please do not call after 8:00 PM.  Entry questions should be sent to Val Reiner at kritters@bcn.net or 413-743-9354 until 9pm.

We’re looking forward to a wonderful trial in a beautiful setting.  Thanks for entering and we hope you will all have fun!

Sue Crimmins, Trial Chair
Val Reiner, Trial Secretary

Confirmation_letter 2012

HHSaturday Catalog 2012HHSaturday Workers Schedule 2012

HHSunday Catalog 2012HHSunday Workers Schedule 2012

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