2018 Fall Classes

2018 Fall Agility training Classes

Six week session Starting Wednesday September 19

Hello! Hoping everyone is having a good summer and getting lots of fun time in with your pups!  We are getting ready to start our fall agility classes. Cost will be $120.00 per session. Class times will be as follows:

Introduction to Agility :  5:15-6:15 with set up at 5

Beginner Agility : 5:15-6:15 with set up at 5

Intermediate Agility :  6:30-7:30 with 6:15 set up

Advanced/Competition Agility : 7:45-8:45 with a 7:30 set up


Introduction to Agility 

This class is designed to begin building a handling foundation between you and your dog in a fun and motivational atmosphere.  The focus in this class will be on basic training methods.  Time will be spent on both groundwork games and skills as well as introduction to jumps and tunnels and the tippy board.  Dogs must have completed a basic obedience class before signing up for this class. 

Beginning Agility

This class follows the Introduction to Agility class and will continue to focus on developing a stronger working relationship between you and your dog and will introduce you and your dog to all agility obstacles.  

Intermediate Agility

This class is designed to advance the skills learned in the beginning class.  Dogs must be able to work  off-leash and under good control.  Short sequences will be introduced.  Focus on teeter and weave poles will be included.  

Competition/Advanced Agility

This class is for dogs getting ready to compete or already competing.  Dogs must be able to run full courses and be comfortable, confident and proficient on all obstacles including 12 weave poles and  the teeter.   

*Please send an email to: Hilltownhounds@gmail.com and tell us which class you and your pup would like to attend!


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