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Classes are typically held spring, summer and fall at Hilltown Hounds. Winter is too cold and sometimes we take a break from July and August to avoid the summer heat. The classes we offer are a time to have fun with your dog, becoming acquainted with handling techniques and the obstacle courses included in the fun and team building sport of Dog Agility!
Classes typically meet Wednesday nights for an hour, and everyone helps set-up the equipment! Our sessions run 6-weeks or sometimes we can thread a few 4-week sessions together April, May and June.

Here are some general class descriptions to help guide you in determining which class is right for you and your dog….

Introduction to Agility : This class is designed to begin building a handling foundation between you and your dog in a fun and motivational atmosphere.  The focus in this class will be on basic training methods  Time will be spent on both groundwork games and skills as well as introduction to jumps and tunnels and the tippy board.  Dogs must have completed a basic obedience class before signing up for this class.

Beginning Agility : This class follows the Introduction to Agility class and will continue to focus on developing a stronger working relationship between you and your dog and will introduce you and your dog to all agility obstacles.  

Intermediate Agility : This class is designed to advance the skills learned in the beginning class.  Dogs must be able to work  off-leash and under good control.  Short sequences will be introduced.  Focus on teeter and weave poles will be included.  

Competition/Advanced Agility : This class is for dogs getting ready to compete or already competing.  Dogs must be able to run full courses and be comfortable and confident on all obstacles including 12 weave poles and  the teeter. 

All ages are welcome from Junior to Senior. Dogs must be at least 12 months old, and had some basic manners class learning behind them. Rabies certificates are necessary to complete registration.

Unless otherwise noted, our classes take place at the Roaring Brook Farm on Roaring Brook Road in Conway, Massachusetts. Please click on the Getting There tab above for directions.

Weekend Workshops are held by special guest instructors. Workshops may focus on varying Agility topics and specific Agility handling techniques, depending on the guest instructor. Places and Prices will vary per event 1/2 day, full-day, or weekend, workshops, depending on guest instructor.  Each workshop will be announced with details in advance in the Workshops tab, pre-registration and deposit is required.  We announce all Workshops through our web site.

Date Night Agility Runthrus are scheduled run-thrus that can take place on a weeknight or a weekend. This is a great opportunity for you,  as a potential club member or agility dog handler to come and visit the barn and ask any questions.   Typically this evening will not be instructor taught, but instead will be a 2-3 hour open training time, with organized, nested courses and planned by a club member.  All attendees must have had previous class time, and familiarity on all agility obstacles. Pay per run and Pre-registration is appreciated.

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  1. Catherine says:

    Are you planning any beginning agility classes for Fall 2020?

  2. patvohr5567 says:

    Hi, we are new to the area. I have 2 Border Collies ages 4 and 1. I would love to start the 1 yo in agility classes. I have a little experience with another BC. We are building a house in Shelburne. My daughter lives in Conway.
    Please let me know when classes begin .
    Pat Vohr

  3. Jean laczynski says:

    Louise … this is jean Laczynski … we went to see Laura …at child’s park today … Laura advise us Ziggy will NOT be a good candidate to try agility classes at this time he has some behavior issues …could you please refund me …sorry for the inconvenience …jean Laczynski 13 James Ave .. turners falls ma 01376

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