Hilltown Hounds Gear

We recently partnered with Pacific Printing, located at 19 Damon Road in Northampton to provide Hilltown Hounds members the opportunity to their your own HH logo gear .

Pacific Printing has been in the business for 35 years and offers an enormous range of apparel to choose from.  The Hilltown Hounds logo is on file with Pacific and you can visit their shop Monday – Friday 9-5 or online at www.oceanofpromotion.com and select items you’d like to have the embroidered logo added to.

The Hilltown Hounds doesn’t make any money from this and you pay Pacific Printing directly for any gear you decide to buy.  This offers a unique opportunity for us each to select the agility gear, hats, coats, vests etc. we’d like from the hundreds of styles Pacific Printing has available.

A couple of samples can be seen here in the gallery below.

These items can be found in the ladies department of this catalog: https://www.companycasuals.com/PacificPrinting/b.jsp?id=127&parentId=1